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With more than 25 years in the market Atrio Hotels has developed a unique business model for the development and operation of hotels.

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Vision for Development and Deployment

  • Atrio has extensive experience in the development of hotels and condo-hotels, working with several development partners, providing assistance from the choice of land up to the final assembly of the project, thus guaranteeing that such projects remain streamlined and have low maintenance costs.

  • Atrio actively participates in the risk of the business as its remuneration as an operator is based on a percentage of the hotel profits.

  • Atrio also participates as a real estate investor in most of the hotels that manages.

Management Vision

  • As a hotel operator and the largest franchisee of Accor in Brazil, Atrio has an extensive knowledge of the business.

  • The Atrio model favours hotel owners with focus on maximum results and guaranteed maintenance of assets.

  • Atrio seeks balanced Operational Management in relation to four principal aspects of the business: Revenue, Costs, Quality, and the Care of Assets. This is why Atrio constantly invests in training and development for its professionals.

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