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Atrio has a management process based on a balanced relation of the four major aspects of the business: Revenue, Costs, Quality, and care of Assets.


Revenue Management and Distribution

Atrio has a department specialised in current pricing strategies and distribution channels with the objective of empowering demand and maximising revenue for its hotels.


Sales management

Atrio has a specialised sales force that works with customers finding the best solutions for their needs, boosting hotels sales.

Marketing management

Atrio prepares short, medium and long term marketing plans for

it´s hotels, mainly through extensive use of digital marketing and social media.




Atrio is extremely focused in the control of the operational costs of its hotels. It has developed systems for monitoring key indicators, shared procurement and the exchange of positive experiences between units.


  • Quality management refers to the perception of customers in relation to the services provided and this is why Atrio recruits, trains and develops in such a way as to always provide consistency in processes and service cycles;

  • Atrio operates with the best quality tools to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and holds quality;

  • Certification such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001;

  • Undertakes Food Safety Audits and carries out Customer Satisfaction Research.




Asset management guarantees that the tangible part of the product is always in good working condition (by way of corrective and preventative maintenance) and up to date (via good use of hotel reserve funds).


Atrio has a Preventative Maintenance Plan – PMP, for all its hotels.


All hotels operated by Atrio have a reserve fund for the replacement and updating of assets.




Emphasis in recruitment and personnel selection.


Atrio engages in the training of professionals by way of specialised training in both operational and administrative areas.


Company research such as the Great Place to Work (GPTW) scheme and Talent Retention.


Trainee programme for the training of new managers.

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